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The latest new product that could transform your office

Yealink Smartvision 60

360° All-in-one Intelligent Camera for Enhanced Teams Rooms Experience

Yealink SmartVision 60 is a new generation of all-in-one audio and video device which is designed for intelligent conferencing rooms jointly created by Yealink and Microsoft. SmartVision 60 has a 360° wide field of view with 360° sound pickup range bringing a comprehensive and immersive conference experience. A 10k camera makes every position of the boardroom clearly visible and 6m sound pickup range covers every corner of the room.

Yealink SmartVision 60 is equipped with a variety of Microsoft's innovative audio and video AI functionalities in order to bring you a ground-breaking audio and video experience. Multi-Stream People Feed feature gives meeting attendees their own individual frame in the gallery to help remote participants feel closer to the people in the room. Yealink SmartVision 60 also includes all the great features of Microsoft Teams intelligent speakers, including people identification in live transcription and Cortana digital assistant. 

yealink smartvision 60

Key Features and Benefits

10k-360° Camera + 6m-360° Pick-up Range

Unparalleled 360° panoramic view so that every position in the medium-sized conference room is clearly visible. 6 x MEMS microphone arrays at the bottom, bringing 6m all-round sound pickup. 6+1 microphone arrays at the top for intelligent voice recognition, perfectly covering every corner of the room.

Multiple intelligent functionalities

Intelligent voice assistant Cortana can easily unlock voice meeting control, intelligent voice transcription function makes you enjoy one-click unmanned meeting minutes mode, intelligent real-time translation function and online translation of real-time subtitles could start a new experience of multi-party barrier-free communication and intelligent participant identification provides a unique customised meeting experience.

Yealink SV60