Meet the team

Jan 2023 replay Return to news list

The man with the plans, Ben is our expert in systems design and technical drawings, ensuring every install is as successful as his CrossFit sessions.

I’ve been with the company for just over a year. I’m a designer, I do systems design and produce a range of technical drawings, from schematics to elevation drawings and floor plans. I can also be found on site carrying out surveys.

The team are really supportive, I’m always learning and my job is a good balance between being in the office and getting out on site.


I think we might start to see more augmented reality creeping in to remote meetings. We’re starting to see it with ‘Mesh’  in Microsoft Teams. Maybe in the future we’ll be having our remote meetings in fully virtual surroundings, shaking the hands of avatars? Virtual reality might also start to play a part in how we present ideas and designs to clients. Being able to give a client a virtual tour of their new conference room and AV system would be pretty cool.

You’ll probably find me sprawled out on the floor of a CrossFit gym questioning why I keep going back, or riding a mountain bike down a big hill.

Danny MacAskill. His skills on a bike are unbelievable, he rides the un-ridable. I’d be hoping for some tips.

Ranulph Fiennes. He’s been to places and done things most people will never experience. I’m sure he has some epic stories.

Micky Flanagan. Just for the laughs.

To pick up any musical instrument and play it expertly. Is that a talent or a super power?