Making a clear difference whilst supporting good causes

Jan 2023 replay Return to news list

Internet Videocommunications is quite literally given a clean bill of health as the company tackles its carbon footprint and helps those in need across the world.

The 1920s were described as roaring. It’s probably safe to say that 100 years later, the 2020s will not have such a positive moniker attached to them. The tumultuous 20s might be more fitting for this era. We are all hoping that this will be a defining decade when the actions of world leaders and governments will enable us all to tackle climate change and reverse the looming threats to future generations.

A key responsibility for many businesses is the reduction of their carbon footprint. This is something that Internet Videocommunications takes extremely seriously and, as an approved audio-visual and videoconferencing supplier on several Government frameworks, the company has committed to its own carbon reduction programme.

How Internet Videocommunications is making a difference

It all starts with a clear plan. Internet Videocommunications needed to capture and calculate the carbon output it was creating. Energy consumption, travel, waste, even indirect emissions from hybrid working and from supply chains were just some of the areas that needed to be evaluated. Once the data was compiled, it was then necessary to formulate an action-plan with realistic, specific and measurable goals that would lead to a clear and consistent pathway towards the desired objective of Net Zero   Significantly, it was the Government’s own Crown Commercial Services who validated and approved Internet Videocommunications’ carbon reduction plan.


Then the real work begins. Internet Videocommunications wanted to act quickly and decisively to reduce its carbon emissions. Obviously, a key trump card lay in the fact that the business specialises in implementing integrated videoconferencing and cloud-video solutions and services, which are expressly designed to facilitate smarter ways of working, reducing travel and the reliance on planes, trains and automobiles. This doesn’t just apply to its world-wide client base but also to its own staff. Another factor in reducing its carbon footprint was to consolidate its facilities and resources where at all possible.

Green Giving to Charities

One vitally important consideration, from an environmental standpoint, is what to do with those large and bulky office items when they are no longer required, such as boardroom tables, cabinets and meeting room furniture? Anything like this has huge implications on carbon output, especially if it all ends up in landfill. After some investigation, Internet Videocommunications found an ideal solution which completely negates this issue. The company teamed up with a carbon neutral charitable organisation that sustainably reclaims surplus or redundant assets and then redistributes and re-purposes these to those not-for-profit organisations and communities, who are based all over the world and who need it most. From office supplies going to charities in the UK, to filing cabinets being used by libraries in Africa, nothing was wasted or sent to landfill.


A Greener Future

Going forward, Internet Videocommunications has many more initiatives and improvements in store so that their carbon output decreases year upon year. Smarter and more efficient lighting, heat-conserving insulation and switching from diesel/petrol vehicles to an electric powered fleet should now be on everyone’s environmental roadmap.

For almost four decades, Internet Videocommunications has been helping businesses, nationally and internationally, with smarter ways of working through the deployment of video conferencing. Now, the need to embrace such solutions has become a whole lot greater if our world is to become more carbon efficient. There is still time to turn this decade into the “eco-friendly 20s”.