The cloud that reduces your carbon footprint

Jan 2023 replay Return to news list

Since the pandemic in particular, organisations everywhere have been migrating, whether consciously or subconsciously, to a greener way of working. The massive benefit to all of us is the positive impact this has on reducing the world’s carbon emissions. Business after business is implementing video conferencing which not only helps to negate their carbon footprint but which also brings a myriad of other positive effects and benefits.

Good for the Planet

Less travel. It’s really as simple as that. The amount of travel that is warranted in the day-to-day of running a business has a huge impact on carbon emissions. From the weekly commute to work, to meeting customers and suppliers. If your organisation has sites across the globe – or even across the country – you can add air travel to that too and this is where you will find the bulk of your carbon emissions originating. This could be cut instantly with the implementation of video conferencing. Internet Videocommunications has a whole raft of systems and solutions that may be deployed swiftly and effectively either for the meeting room, the office or the remote worker. 


And, with its SightLink cloud video services, you can meet anyone, anywhere in the world at the click of a button. While travel is sometimes unavoidable, just by reducing the frequency each month or each quarter will see a huge positive impact on your overall emissions. But it’s not only travel that makes a large contribution to emissions but also running an office. With hybrid working on the rise, provided that remote workers have access to the necessary communication and collaboration tools, their reduced time in the office also reduces the heat, light and fuel costs, which is another huge bonus in getting your carbon footprints moving in the right direction.


Good for Business

When your carbon emissions go down, you will invariably find your business’ productivity and profits going up. Everything you can associate with a carbon value will also have a monetary one. There is no question that video conferencing doesn’t just help to reduce your operating costs but also your carbon footprint too. This is why most companies see their investment in videoconferencing and cloud video services pay for itself within months. And let’s not forget, virtual meetings save a massive amount of time. They are quicker and easier to organise, they increase collaboration and inclusivity, and the bottom line is that productivity gets a real boost. Let’s face it, the modern workforce has come to expect it, if not demand it. By fully integrating these solutions across your organisation, the workflow becomes simpler, less stressful and the result is far happier staff.

Right now, every business is having to adapt to and address the severe financial climate and also climate change itself. Video conferencing is the answer, helping to deliver a greener and more prosperous future.