Internet Videocommunications’ Annual Conference

Jul 2022 replay Return to news list

Having been postponed two years running due to the pandemic, Internet Videocommunications’ Annual Conference took place last month.

Back in 2020, Internet Videocommunications was ready to celebrate its milestone 35th anniversary but we all know what happened next. So, for the whole company, this was an especially poignant occasion.

Bruce Rowe, Managing Director, commented: “Our people and their families have all been through so much in the last two years, so to have an event like this, to discuss our exciting growth and the opportunities for our business and, just as importantly, simply have a lot of fun together, is really fantastic.”

The conference crystallised everything about Internet Videocommunications’ core values and its outstanding staff. A core theme, running through the whole programme, highlighted accomplishments and achievements that you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. Awards were handed out to recognise an unprecedented number of individuals who have now been working for Internet Videocommunications for over ten years, twenty years, twenty-five years and even thirty years. And then the focus turned to the wealth of expertise residing within each department area. The length and breadth of qualifications and accreditations across the company are too many and varied to list out here but, suffice to say, Internet Videocommunications’s clients benefit from a level of service care and expertise that is truly second-to-none. During the second half of the event, the company set out bold plans for growth and a vision which builds upon the tremendous successes of the last two years in deploying unique solutions for integrating Microsoft Teams and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) into the conference room.


Adam Worman, Sales & Marketing, summed up the event perfectly: “More than anything, it’s great for us all to be finally in the same venue and learn, laugh and celebrate collectively.” 

With the business-end of the conference completed, the company moved to a more relaxed, social setting at a local restaurant before attention turned to a few competitive rounds of ten-pin bowling. 

Congratulations to Ian Littler, one of Internet Videocommunications’ senior engineers, for being crowned the kingpin champion!