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The latest new products that could transform your office

The Poly RealPresence G7500

An industry-leading videoconferencing platform which delivers the most versatile user experience allowing you to choose whichever video app or cloud video service you want (including Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Amazon Chime and Zoom) and bring this into the conference room.


The Poly G7500 is a modular system for video conferencing that enables you to configure the system you want, while giving people an easy way into the rich collaboration experiences they need. Loaded with features, yet simple to use.

4k Ultra HD delivers a truly lifelike picture and supports new applications with its super-high resolution. NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence keep audio distractions such as background noise and side conversations to a minimum.

Help teams share ideas and express themselves clearly in Ultra HD 4K. No ideas get left behind, because anyone can share wirelessly, annotate and capture content for later use. With detailed visuals and rich audio, people feel like they’re together in the same room. With noise cancellation built-in, audio distractions like background noise and side conversations are a thing of the past. 

The G7500 runs cloud service applications natively or the Poly video app for standards-based calling and connection into any provider or video system.

 Put content at the centre easily and wirelessly – with just people in the room or on a video call. No special apps or tools are needed, and two content streams can be shared at once. Content annotation and digital whiteboarding make it easy to mark-up documents, make notes and save it all when done.

G7500 CUBE


Choose the camera that works best for your space, whether it’s a boardroom or your living room.

Connect up to two monitors to see both people and content on screens

It’s easy to share content wired or wirelessly, whichever works best for your meeting

Keep distracting noises and outside conversations from disrupting your meeting with Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence