New Case Study: Healthcare

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Internet Videocommunications has partnered with another NHS Trust to provide leading-edge MDT videoconferencing facilities which enable high quality communication and collaboration between geographically dispersed clinical experts working in cancer services. This particular Trust is the only integrated acute, community, mental health and ambulance health care provider in England, delivering a full range of health services to the population it serves.


  • To enable groups of professionals, from different clinical disciplines, to come together and make decisions regarding the recommended treatment of individual patients.
  • For the MDTs to operate more effectively and efficiently in terms of time, human resources, data collection, decision making and auditing.
  • To deploy a solution which operates over the NHS Health Network.


  • Full consultation from Internet Videocommunications’ design team to ensure all needs were being addressed to the exacting standards required by the Trust.
  • Providing expertise and advice on network architecture and firewall traversal to establish seamless connectivity from the Trust’s new facilities onto the NHS Health Network. This is to allow high quality video communication and collaboration with other hospitals.  
  • Designing and programming a tailored, intuitive user interface to operate the solution simply and to control the feature-rich system.

mdt 2


With these MDT systems in place, the Trust is now delivering on its objectives, reducing travel, speeding up the decision-making process and handling more cases within the same allocation of time.

Most notably, the average savings in travel costs are projected to see the facilities achieve a full return on investment within just 12 weeks. 

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