Confused about Cloud Video Services?

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Worker mobility offers immense productivity and cost savings to any business. Solutions are available on any scale and often pay for themselves in terms of savings yet some businesses are slow to adopt. Here we highlight and reassure around the common concerns about embracing cloud technology.

Disrupting the status-quo

A business may easily fall into a pattern of routine just like a person. Using the same systems day-in, day-out almost act like a security blanket for staff. Sometimes people will persist with using business tools that are no longer particularly efficient just because it’s what they are used to rather than recognising there can be tremendous benefits from a simple change. Historically, new technology brought with it connotations of complicated manuals and complex processes but the reality today is that this could not be further from the truth. Meeting in the cloud is a phrase that some may still not be so familiar with but the ability to meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere at any time is now simpler than making a phone call. Solutions such as Internet Videocommunications’ SightLink cloud video service bring people together to collaborate, so quickly and easily – literally at the click of a button!


Training the staff

Some technologies can take time to gain traction in an organisation and the workforce may find it difficult, for a variety of reasons, to adopt it within their everyday working lives. But when a service such at SightLink can be set up in minutes and the way it works is so intuitive, there is nothing to hold back your staff from embracing such a powerful and game-changing business tool. Internet Videocommunications has seen client utilisation grow exponentially month on month, as organisations very quickly recognise the massive benefits SightLink brings to the workflow and in supporting the different departmental tasks. What’s more, SightLink is not just a business tool that aids the existing staff but for those organisations that have deployed this state-of-the-art solution, it sends out the right messages to attract new potential employees.

The Cost

A common question is: why change the way we work when any alternative is likely to require a significant cost outlay? The beauty of adopting a cloud video service is that it can be deployed as operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure. And what has been particularly pleasing to businesses is how quickly they see the payback when comparing the initial investment against the savings made going forwards. Every time you meet in the cloud you are saving not only on the material costs of travel but also on the salaried time of your staff, a big cost incurred when they used to travel. In very quick time, a cloud video service can pay for itself many times over. Now the question many organisations are asking is: what is the cost to our business if we don’t embrace cloud video?


The Quality

Understandably, many people are generally unaware of the full capability of the technological tools on offer to them. How much of the true potential of your smart phone or tablet are you really using? In years gone by, the main concern with a video conference was all about the call quality, latency, pixelisation and slow internet speeds.  That has now been consigned to the past. Leading cloud video services, such as SightLink, are underpinned by a high-speed, next-generation global network that allow you to connect from almost any device, with HD video and audio quality and show content from your PC or laptop. With the flexibility to hold one-to-one meetings, one-to-many or may-to-many, cloud video now delivers unrivalled, high-performance conferencing wherever you are in the world.

Cloud 3

The Downtime

A common misconception is that the transition between old and new technologies will lead to significant downtime and involve a ‘rip and replace’ strategy of tearing out old hardware to make way for the new cloud service. However, nothing could be further from the truth. SightLink is specifically designed to deliver the broadest levels of integration and interoperability, supporting a vast range of manufacturer systems and devices, old and new, meaning that there is no need to replace equipment.

Meeting face-to-face

For most of us, when we meet with others, whether they are colleagues or people from another organisation, it is better to meet face-to-face. Cloud video is just that. A world away from the typical audio conference experience, when you might not even know who is on the call let alone who is actually speaking, cloud video literally puts you in the picture and makes you feel like you are just across the table from the other participants. And with cloud video, you get all the benefits of ‘being there’ without all the cost and hassle of ‘getting there’.