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The latest new product that could transform your office

Yealink MeetingBoard

One device with multiple possibilities to unleash work productivity.

Yealink MeetingBoard leads a revolution in next generation of collaboration space solution, a real all-in-one design that fits all meeting rooms. Powered by Yealink-Genic Premium Audio Processing and Enhanced AI Video Tracking, it delivers an immersive meeting experience that brings everyone into real focus. MeetingBoard is not just a meeting device - together with native Microsoft Teams or the Zoom App, it gives you the ultimate fluent digital paper writing experience. People can join the online meeting and do brainstorming, project planning, problem solving or any other collaboration activities on the cloud. With flexibility in mind it is designed with extended Optical PTZ camera, wireless microphones, 2nd touchscreen, windows OPS, upgrade-able Android OPS module as well as wireless USB-BYOD mode.  

meeting board

Smart Collaboration Whiteboard

MeetingBoard with a native Teams or Zoom experience is equipped with Android 10. A 65 or 86-inch LED touch screen and the tailored operation interface bring a rich 4K visual presentation and easy menu navigation. There is a four-level input smart digital ink recognition feature supported so you can write with the pen tip, navigate with fingers, erase with the pen tail. Multi-inking simultaneously is also supported for multiple people collaboration on one board. Most importantly, a cloud application provided by Teams or Zoom could allow everyone to join and collaborate at any place


Professional Conferencing AI Video Experience

The built in 4K camera is paired with an image sensor that is professional in terms of sharpness, color rendition and noise handling to provide a FHD video conferencing experience. Not to mention the classic real time Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, there are more AI based camera tracking features like Picture in Picture, Presenter Tracking and People Feed to draw attendees into an immersive conference environment.

Yealink MeetingBar A10 

Simple and flexible deployment but powerful features deliver excellent video collaboration performance.

The Yealink MeetingBar A10 is an all-in-one video collaboration bar for the home office, huddle rooms, and small rooms. Featuring a 4K camera and 120° lens, A10 delivers outstanding video quality. Together with the electric lens cap, its AI technologies including Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking, and so on, allow users to experience a smarter and safer video conference. With 8 MEMS microphone arrays and Yealink AI-based noise-proof technology, A10 brings excellent audio experiences in small spaces even in full-duplex mode and ensures that everyone can be heard. Moreover, A10 combines a computing unit, camera, microphones, speaker, adjustable TV Clamp, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, which provides you with a solution for simple deployment. The A10 is capable of content sharing and whiteboarding which makes the meeting more communicative and collaborative. 


Smart Video Collaboration

Based on Android 11.0 OS, A10 supports native Teams or Zoom, and all features can be operated by just one touch or by the remote controller. Also, you can experience a more communicative and collaborative meeting with the content sharing and whiteboard of A10.

See Everyone Clearly

A10 has strong image processing, encoding and decoding capabilities. Besides, with a 4K camera, it can provide a high-quality video conference experience. With a 120° field of view, everyone in the conference can be seen without adjusting the camera, while also ensuring no redundant surrounding environment is included. Moreover, the image brightness can be automatically optimised even in a dim or backlit environment, ensuring the participant faces can be seen clearly.


Smart Video Conferencing with AI Technology
Featuring AI technology, including Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, A10 not only supports framing the groups automatically according to the number and the position of the participants but also automatically zooms in to the speaker without adjusting the camera, making the participants more focused on the conference.

Precise Sound Localisation, Full-Duplex Experience
8 MEMS microphone arrays give the A10 a strong ability to noise proof and reduce reverberation. The new upgraded beamforming algorithm, together with the technology of processing acoustic echo cancellation brings high-quality full-duplex calls and realises more precise voice pickup.

All-in-One Design for a Fast Start
With an integrated computing unit, camera, microphones, speaker, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and bracket, A10 takes up less space and minimises cable clutter. Plugging in the power lead and HDMI cable gets the video conference ready.