Huddle Rooms. Big Thinking for Small Spaces

Implementing conferencing and collaborative tools across an organisation isn't just confined to large meeting rooms and showcase spaces. There is a growing shift in favour of smaller, ultra-connected “huddle rooms” which are typically used by smaller groups of two to four people.

Although the definition of huddle rooms can be quite broad, in essence these spaces are small meeting rooms intended for informal conversations, presentations, brainstorming sessions, conferences with remote workers or any number of other collaborations.

The flexibility around spaces such as these opens up a new level of freedom for the workforce. 


There is no denying that within a business, a team collaborates at its best when it can form quickly, with face-to-face communication and with all the necessary information available. Traditionally this sort of interaction would have been held only in a large meeting room but, for many businesses today, these resources are under increasingly high demand and invariably need to be pre-booked weeks in advance.

 If all the available meeting rooms are in use, then the only option often left for a team to work together is to cram around someone’s desk or to use the office canteen. As a result, business productivity is being compromised and the workflow severely impacted because staff and teams are not able to collaborate nor bring ideas to the table and make decisions in an effective manner.

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This is why we are seeing a surge in the number of businesses wanting to make greater use of their smaller “huddle” spaces.  These are more readily available and in a lot of cases can even be used on an ad-hoc basis. There are a number of entry-level conferencing and collaboration solutions suitable for the huddle room and, once deployed, they can bring teams together, whether staff are based in the same office or working out of different locations.


The mad scramble to book the boardroom or grab a large meeting room can be a thing of the past. All your business tools and the collaborative benefits they bring, are all now available in the huddle room. Made-to-measure and ultra-connected, these huddle spaces have flexibility at their core and cater just as easily for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions,  as they do for formal presentations. So, could joining the “huddle” benefit your business?



In less than a day, a meeting space, no matter how small, can become a “huddle” room, not just freeing up other precious resources but also giving teams access to the facilities they need to do business. Huddle rooms are now firmly part of the groundswell for more accessible resources, more flexible working and mobile solutions.


Once deployed, the “huddle” room is an intuitive resource with presentation and conferencing capabilities at your fingertips. There’s no longer the need to involve the IT Department in scheduling the meeting for all the participants or for facilities to have to set up the room itself. Simply walk into the “huddle” room and start your meeting at the touch of a button.

Research estimates that there are 50 million huddle rooms globally, showing that virtually all enterprises can benefit from the potential of these spaces.

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