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The latest new product that could transform your office

Yealink MeetingBoard

One device with multiple possibilities to unleash work productivity.

Yealink MeetingBoard leads a revolution in next generation of collaboration space solution, a real all-in-one design that fits all meeting rooms. Powered by Yealink-Genic Premium Audio Processing and Enhanced AI Video Tracking, it delivers an immersive meeting experience that brings everyone into real focus. MeetingBoard is not just a meeting device - together with native Microsoft Teams or the Zoom App, it gives you the ultimate fluent digital paper writing experience. People can join the online meeting and do brainstorming, project planning, problem solving or any other collaboration activities on the cloud. With flexibility in mind it is designed with extended Optical PTZ camera, wireless microphones, 2nd touchscreen, windows OPS, upgrade-able Android OPS module as well as wireless USB-BYOD mode.  

meeting board

The Smart Collaboration Whiteboard

MeetingBoard with a native Teams or Zoom experience is equipped with Android 10. A 65 or 86-inch LED touch screen and the tailored operation interface bring a rich 4K visual presentation and easy menu navigation. There is a four-level input smart digital ink recognition feature supported so you can write with the pen tip, navigate with fingers, erase with the pen tail. Multi-inking simultaneously is also supported for multiple people collaboration on one board. Most importantly, a cloud application provided by Teams or Zoom could allow everyone to join and collaborate at any place


Professional Conferencing AI Video Experience

The built in 4K camera is paired with an image sensor that is professional in terms of sharpness, color rendition and noise handling to provide a FHD video conferencing experience. Not to mention the classic real time Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, there are more AI based camera tracking features like Picture in Picture, Presenter Tracking and People Feed to draw attendees into an immersive conference environment.

Yealink MVC S90 

Embrace A New Era of Intelligent Teams Rooms.

Designed for extra-large rooms, the MVC S90 Microsoft Teams Rooms system features UVC86 intelligent multi-camera system, MCore Pro mini-PC, MTouch Plus touch panel, AVHub, BYOD-Extender, RoomSensor, and WPP30 4K wireless presentation pod, delivering a fully immersive meeting experience that caters to both remote and on-site participants.

The MVC S90 eliminates unnecessary camera tracking processes, allowing you to stay focused on what truly matters. With its fast and accurate Multi-Camera IntelliFrame feature, whether you’re attending a remote board meeting or a panel discussion, communication flows naturally and effortlessly.

During training, speeches, or lessons, UVC86’s Presenter Tracking feature ensures that speakers are always in the centre of the view, allowing you to follow their presentation effortlessly. With various modes available, you can preset an accurately tracked area, ensuring remote attendees seamlessly engage in communication.

Yealink MVC S90

Empower Spaces Anywhere

This solution caters to rectangular and curved conference tables for the Microsoft Front Row solution. Moreover, it effortlessly addresses the need for dividing or merging two meeting rooms, adapting to your varying space requirements. Whatever your specific needs may entail, this solution is poised to fulfil them.

Q-SYS VisionSuite

Automatic Camera Preset Recall

Keep hybrid and remote collaboration as engaging as possible by ensuring the active speaker is always in view, no matter where they are in the room. Q-SYS Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) uses audio data from in-room microphones to determine when and where a person is speaking, recalling user-defined camera presets and automatically switching between Q-SYS cameras without human operation. Configure your system with an unlimited number of cameras and choose any microphones, including native Q-SYS network or partner ceiling microphones.

Q-SYS Visionsuite

Frame the perfect shot without user intervention. NC Series network cameras use video analytics to tightly "frame" people within the camera's actual field of view (FoV), reducing unnecessary frame padding.

  • Dynamic and autonomous framing based on number of people detected in-frame.
  • Adjustable frame padding controls.
  • Modifiable deadband settings offer reframing tolerance for talkers that move around within a cropped frame.
  • Flexible transition speed controls (instant, slow, medium, fast)  
  • Optional face counting can be used to trigger external control automations or monitoring.

Configure a secondary camera within your room to mask unwanted camera movement from being seen by the far-end participants. The secondary camera acts as a backup to the primary camera, moving to the new position before Q-SYS switches to it, hiding any camera movement from being seen on the far end.