New Demonstration Facilities Now Ready for Action

Jul 2024 replay Return to news list

As part of Internet Videocommunications’ ongoing investment to showcase the very best in video conferencing and collaboration solutions, the company has recently completed a transformative upgrade of its meeting room demonstration facilities. With more and more organisations recognising how business critical such facilities can be, the initial difficulty is often identifying the ‘right-fit’ solution to ensure that the plethora of benefits will be delivered. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to get some ‘hands-on’ experience of the very latest and greatest in conferencing and collaboration. As an independent reseller and integrator, Internet Videocommunications is uniquely placed to help you decide what works for you and maybe even to highlight something that you hadn’t even considered but could be a real game-changer in the way you work.

Here are just some of the solutions now available for demonstration when we welcome you:

Dem Room1


One device with multiple possibilities to unleash work productivity.

Yealink MeetingBoard leads a revolution in next generation of collaboration space solution, a real all-in-one design that fits all meeting rooms. Powered by Yealink-Genic Premium Audio Processing and Enhanced AI Video Tracking, it delivers an immersive meeting experience that brings everyone into real focus. MeetingBoard is not just a meeting device - together with native Microsoft Teams or the Zoom App, it gives you the ultimate fluent digital paper writing experience. People can join the online meeting and do brainstorming, project planning, problem solving or any other collaboration activities on the cloud. With flexibility in mind it is designed with extended Optical PTZ camera, wireless microphones, 2nd touchscreen, windows OPS, upgrade-able Android OPS module as well as wireless USB-BYOD mode.


Iiyama Interactive display


65’’ Interactive 4K UHD LCD Touchscreen with integrated annotation software

Share Your Vision with the Iiyama ProLite, a perfect solution for educational and corporate use. The 65’’ infrared 20-point touchscreen with iiWare 8.0 (Android OS) featuring Note, web browser, file manager, cloud drives, WPS office and ScreenSharePro. It comes with dual touch pens, allowing users to annotate easily in 4K on files and on-screen content, which can be saved directly on a USB device, 32gig internal memory or on a connected cloud drive. The display supports playback of presentations, high-resolution video and almost any other type of content.

The high-quality commercial IPS LCD screen with 4K UHD provides vibrant, detailed and high-quality images from anywhere in the class- or meeting room. The anti-glare coating drastically reduces ambient reflection in high-brightness environments without compromising the sharpness and clarity of the image. The screen is equipped with an all-metal bezel and 3mm thick hardened glass to ensure long durability in high-use environments, such as classrooms or meeting rooms.

Yealink UVC86 Camera

The Yealink UVC86 is a 4K dual-eye tracking camera for medium and large rooms with a perfect display that captures everyone and every detail.

With a built-in dual 4K camera and a range of AI-driven features, including Auto Framing, Speaker Tracking and Presenter Tracking, the UVC86 empowers your meeting space by reproducing every moment and detail precisely. Covering a wide field of view of 90° with a mechanical pan, the UVC86 tilts up and down easily via remote control or Yealink camera control plug-in software, bringing more efficient collaboration.