New Case Study: Healthcare

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The Objectives

  • Travel between sites has become a massive drain on staff time, especially due to the geographical spread of locations, across this rural region. This had to be radically reduced. 
  • Meeting rooms needed to be far more flexible to cater for the different healthcare teams, from MDT meetings to staff training and board meetings. 
  • Any new conferencing and collaboration solution had to be simple and intuitive to use. The Trust can ill-afford the valuable time of staff to be taken up with learning complex system operation.

The Solution

  • A high-quality video conferencing solution which can be replicated across multiple locations, delivering a quick win for the Trust through the ease and speed of making video calls and bringing staff together at the touch of a button. 
  • Interactive / white-boarding screens enabling highly flexible utilisation, whether for video conferencing, real time brainstorming or training. 
  • A universal and standardised system user-interface to provide utter simplicity. 
  • Wrap-around professional audio-visual services, including full training and user guides for each system.

What The Client Says

“Being in Cornwall, it’s a very rural spread-out landscape so travelling is essential but being able to limit some of that travel by using video conferencing facilities was a key driver for us to save the cost of driving, but more importantly the cost of wasting staff time that could be better used caring for patients. The solutions implemented are allowing staff from all over the County access to meetings that may have otherwise not been possible or difficult to arrange around other commitments. Internet Videocommunications’ quick response time, flexibility to visit our sites and survey them along with their knowledge were key factors in choosing to partner with them. They also provide very robust maintenance and support giving us the chance to liaise and work with one company that covers every aspect from start to finish and also for us going forward.”


“I’ve worked with the NHS for over 30 years supplying Audio-Visual and Video conferencing solutions. Seeing the benefits gained by the staff and patients alike is extremely rewarding.”
Allan Whiting, Head of Sales