New Case Study: Healthcare

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Internet Videocommunications has partnered with NHS Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust. The Trust of around 8,000 staff provides care for the population of Gloucestershire and beyond. Its plan, entitled “Our Journey to Outstanding” sets out significant and exciting transformation to ensure the Trust achieves its vision of “Best Care for Everyone”.

The Objectives

The Trust’s five-year strategic plan maps out an ambitious programme to transform hospital services and to provide care for the next generation. Following Covid, Gloucestershire NHS found that its training requirement for staff had changed. Some trainees were unable to attend on-site training sessions, whilst others preferred in-person, face-to-face contact. Internet Videocommunications’ challenge was to design and deliver a solution that would increase the number of attendees at training sessions, by creating an education environment suitable for all.

The Solution

Following a detailed environmental survey of the training centres in Redwood and Sandford, it was important that the solution addressed the critical need for the trainer to be seen and heard as clearly by the remote participants as it was for those trainees actually present in the room. Subsequently, as part of the system design, a range of Microsoft Teams-certified Yealink equipment was deployed within the training rooms, with a key element being the front-facing camera. This enabled the system to pick up the trainer talking at the front of the training space and give the remote users as good, if not better, an experience than those physically in attendance in the room.

The Results

Quality improvement is at the heart of everything NHS Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust does and the transformation of the training rooms is very much in keeping with that goal. Training is crucial to ensure the best possible care outcomes and now staff are far better equipped and empowered to deliver the very best for patients.

“I am very proud to be involved in such an important part of our country, our NHS. It may only be a small change, but it’s a change that we can proudly say we were part of”
Laura Bloomfield, Head of Projects, Internet Videocommunicatons


NHS Gloucestershire