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Jul 2023 replay Return to news list

With hands on experience as a installation engineer, Lee knows exactly how to deliver as a project manager.

I’ve been with the company for four years and have just become a Project Manager

The team. We are lucky to have a really strong team with such a vast knowledge of the industry. There’s always someone who can help you out when needed.


Artificial intelligence – The integration of AI in AV systems has been particularly noteworthy, as it has the potential to revolutionize the way we consume and produce audio and visual content. To begin with I was not a fan but as the technology has progressed, I find we are using AI much more frequently. We are seeing cameras and audio systems with sensors and AI technology built-in as standard more often now and our customers really like these new features.

Love live music! Try to get to gigs/ festivals as often as possible.. although this has been less frequent in the last year. Having a 1-year-old child who thrives on about 5 hrs sleep a night has taken away the appeal of a night out… This has now been swapped for an opportunity to sleep when he stays with the grandparents!

Billy Connolly, For the comedy gold stories of his life. In my opinion he is the best comedic storyteller in the business.

Dave Grohl, The Foo fighters are one of my favourite bands.   

Buzz Aldrin, I’d love to know the real story of his time in space not the dumbed down press version. 

The ability to play any instrument. I have tried to learn guitar a few times, but it’s never really stuck.

My Grandad often told us that being happy is not having everything you want but making the best of what have. Family is everything. As a kid I didn’t get it! He would usually say it when we moaned about something stupid… I get it now.