A Greener Dawn?

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Making the Decision to Tackle Carbon Emissions

With every organisation’s carbon footprint under the spotlight more than ever, Internet Videocommunications is making significant headway in not only reducing its own impact but also in helping countless other businesses achieve their carbon reduction goals.

The recent COP 28 summit saw the first ever conference decision to establish an orderly transition away from fossil fuels – signs we might finally be moving in the right direction to reduce some of the most significant causes of climate change - but unfortunately the speed with which we are doing so will still not be enough to reach the required targets. With this in mind, it would be remiss of any business not to fully realise the opportunity they have to accelerate their own movement towards carbon neutrality.

Green Tech

Effecting Change

By the very nature of its business, Internet Videocommunications has always been at the forefront of promoting and implementing greener ways of working, not only with its clients but also with its own day-to-day business operations. The company continues to review its strategies for reducing its impact on climate change, whether that is consolidating its UK facilities and resources or migrating work vehicles from petrol to electric. Furthermore, as a key supplier on public sector frameworks, Internet Videocommunications is obliged to assess and then publish annually its Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP), using the model validated by Crown Commercial Services.

In 2023, by way of just one example highlighting the organisation’s commitment to lowering carbon emissions, Internet Videocommunications applied for, and was awarded, a green business grant from the European Regional Development Fund with the great assistance and support of the West of England Combined Authority. This grant enabled Internet Videocommunications, like many other organisations in the region, to make transformative improvements to its office environment and thereby take its own significant step forward in the fight to halt climate change. Specifically, new LED energy-efficient lighting was installed throughout its offices, immediately improving the quality of lighting for staff but also making a significant dent in power consumption. Through the addition of occupancy sensors, a far more prudent use of electricity has been realised, ensuring that no lights are accidentally left on overnight. Thanks to this wonderful initiative, the company is on track to meet its bold target of carbon neutrality.
Having looked at just some of the examples whereby Internet Videocommunications is making greener in-roads internally, let us now focus on what the company is doing to bring about change for other businesses and the work done to help them achieve their own goals.

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Sustainable Strategies

With inflation still very high, energy prices increasing again and the pressure on organisations to comply with climate-related objectives in supply contracts, business leaders across the nation and indeed across the globe, are finally recognising the need to take real, practical action and the implementation of collaborative, communications technology has become a critical enabler of change. For almost 40 years Internet Videocommunications has deployed conferencing solutions and wrap-around services, essentially handing over the green keys of change to organisations across virtually every sector imaginable. Work smarter. Work more efficiently. Work more effectively. Be more productive. And, most importantly, in the current climate, be greener.

It is well known that the greatest impact on any company’s carbon emissions is their amount of travel and associated travel costs. Whether to and from the office, meeting with clients, partners, lawyers or suppliers, journeys by plane, train, taxi and car all add up. Of course, some travel will always be unavoidable but reducing it, even marginally, has a real positive impact on reducing the emissions your organisation creates and is the quickest win to become green. The vast range of cloud conferencing solutions and hardware solutions, designed for the huddle space right up to boardrooms, training suites and lecture theatres, all mean you can collaborate across the world literally at the touch of a button. And what truly makes this a win-win is the radical reduction in travel expenditure and the boost to staff well-being.
Please contact Internet Videocommunications today and let us help your organisation to turn small steps in the right direction into giant leaps and become greener.