Focus on: Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms

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A more inclusive and collaborative vision for hybrid meeting rooms

Flexible working is likely to be with us for a long time and Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms has emerged as an innovative new way to design hybrid-optimised spaces that caters to the expectations of the modern workforce.

Finding the best of both worlds

A more inclusive experience for everyone in a hybrid meeting is one of the primary motivating factors behind the evolution of Signature Teams Rooms.

When we think of a traditional meeting room normally what springs to mind is a room with a table in the middle and a screen at one end. While this sort of room layout can create a connection between people sat in the room, remote attendees may not be able to track the subtle nuances that come from being able to see everyone’s face and read their body language. Likewise, people in the room naturally find it easier to focus their attention on those sat with them around the table, sometimes to the exclusion of remote attendees shown on the display. Traditional meeting rooms do not always deliver the best experience, but a well-designed hybrid space will be able to serve both worlds.

Built with a precise arrangement of displays, cameras, audio devices, and specialised tables, Signature Microsoft Teams Rooms makes for a vastly superior hybrid meeting experience for all attendees, no matter how or from where they join a meeting.

Furniture is arranged so that all attendees, whether in-person or remote, face each other. Specifically designed for hybrid meetings, the Front Row display option available in Teams Rooms presents remote attendees front-and-centre and at eye-level with in-room participants.

Sig Teams 2
Sig Teams 3

Displays with a 21:9 aspect ratio mean there’s enough space on the screen to project content, remote attendees, and chat space — referred to as “the meeting within the meeting”. This enables in-person attendees to follow along with the chat, without having to divert their attention to their PC screens.

Those participating virtually benefit from the room’s AI-powered intelligent cameras. Instead of a single camera feed of a large room filled with small, unidentifiable faces, AI cameras can identify participants in the room and present them to remote attendees as individuals in the meeting. Furthermore, those “in room” participants who have also joined the meeting via their companion device, no longer see themselves on the room display, which historically some have found distracting. The experience is now more personalised than ever, tailored to suit how each attendee joins the meeting. 

Upgrading everyone’s experience

Sig Teams 4

Deploying Signature Teams Rooms should now form part of the discussion for every organisation looking to deploy new meeting rooms. 

And for existing rooms, a change of furniture or a refresh of room hardware may be enough to improve the hybrid experience. 

The workplace continues to evolve, with flexible working now a constituent part for many employees. Whether it’s a Signature Teams Room or a traditional Teams Room, Internet Videocommunications is perfectly placed to offer expert consultancy and implementation services to ensure not only the very best solutions are tailored for your meeting spaces but also that they align with your vision of how you want your teams to collaborate.