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How people cooperate and collaborate has changed dramatically in recent times. The mass deployment of smart phones and tablets has changed how people share information, how they collaborate and how they want to communicate.

Today, for many organisations, the simplest and easiest way to meet by video is via a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). With SightLink you can access a VMR from any type of device, whether a video conferencing system, a web browser, through Microsoft’s Lync, Skype or Skype for Business clients, a smartphone or a tablet, a regular phone, and in many other ways. You can share information, presentations and collaborate. Best of all, it is always available and always accessible for ad-hoc or scheduled meetings. And, because it is yours, it is easy to invite people into it.

Get video up and running in five minutes

No complicated planning or set up required, using your current devices and software we just need 5 minutes to set up your trial.


Use a simple link to invite colleagues to your VMR

Whatever the the device, SightLink will bring you all together 

You are now all face-to-face with fantastic quality and speed

With its easy to use UI, take full control and set up a virtual meeting whenever you want

Whether meeting room endpoint, laptop or mobile phone; SightLink connects everything with no fuss

With more data centres than any other service, you can connect with the best quality and speed 

Face-to-face video meetings have never been easier thanks to SightLink

Key Features

  • Connect on high quality audio and video
  • Show presentations, spreadsheets and other content from your computer
  • Call point-to-point or access your conference room for team meetings
  • Join scheduled meetings with a single touch
  • Invite participants and join and host meetings at the click of a button

Whatever the device or software, we can link it

Eager to embrace emerging technologies, we constantly strive to offer new levels of inter-operability. Whether you need to link your videoconferencing estate with Microsoft’s Lync, Skype or Skype for Business, or perhaps with Google Hangouts, we have a cloud-based service offering to suit. And whether you choose a dial-in service or our ‘white-glove’ concierge offering, our experienced operators will take care of every technical and administrative aspect to let you and your colleagues just focus on your meeting. 

Integrate everything 

Our specialist service offerings also include integration of your videoconferencing estate with Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365.

Having a team with collectively over 200 years of experience in this field, Internet Videocommunications’ infrastructure specialists are unsurpassed in their technical expertise and delivery of real-world implementations. They will discuss all the relevant options available to you in the context of your network architecture to establish the optimal bridging solution for your organisation.

Any to any Interoperability
SIP, H323, Skype for Business, Voice, Browser (IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox)

Audio conferencing
Free audio dial-in using local dial-in numbers. Join over the phone with a single click using My Meeting Audio for Smartphones.

Open standards based. Place and receive calls directly to other businesses

Global coverage
Redundant datacentres in Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

QoS video network with SLA
Connect using internet as last mile. Low latency, high quality QoS video network ensures minimum network delay, jitter and packet loss across all regions.

Enterprise-grade Security
End-to-end encrypted media using TLS/AES, Secure firewall traversal, ISO27001 / SOC-2 compliant datacentres.

Smart roaming
Dynamic registration of users and calls with intelligent and optimized call routing to minimize delay and increase quality.

Connect up to 30 video and audio participants and combine this with streaming to an unlimited number of viewers (option).

Software clients
Downloadable My Meeting Video software clients for PC, MAC, iOS or Android Tablets for point to point calling or group meetings in full HD. Audio app for Smartphones

Install Microsoft Outlook plugin for Scheduling video meetings from your PC, or schedule calls directly on your iOS or Android Tablet or Smartphone using the My Meeting App.

User management
Manage, monitor and control your own account and meeting using MySightLink user portal.

Admin management
Centrally management of all of your subscriptions through MySightLink administrator. Access to real time and historical usage as well as remote assistance for ongoing conferences.

Meeting Security
End-to-end encryption for all point-to-point calls and meeting rooms connections. Guest and administrator Pin code options. Lock-meeting option

  • Endpoint and software client management

Automated management of video endpoints
Automatically provisioned and centrally managed

Video endpoints automatically checked and configured every 15 minutes

Click to configure your video endpoint
Click on link in email to set up your video endpoint

Self-signup page for personal video clients
Distribute software clients through email or web page

Video endpoint security
Endpoints installed behind the corporate firewalls

Firewall traversal/NAT
Support full cone NAT, restricted cone NAT and port restricted cone NAT. Check

Video address on your own domain (optional)
Use your email as your video address

  • Interoperability

Native interoperability
H323, SIP, Voice, Lync

Dial any video address (URI or IP Address)
Dial using name@domain or ip-address

Business to Business (B2B)
Open, standards-based and interoperable. Place and receive calls from any network and device

Automated phone book updates
All devices automatically updated

B2B enabled phonebook (optional)
Search for any user or business in the SightLink cloud

  • Quality-assured video network

Connect using any network
Connect using the internet as the “last mile”

Smart Roaming
The registration service is dynamic, and a change of location of an endpoint or a software client might  result in automatically being connected to a new SightLink PoP

Intelligent call routing
Optimal call routing between datacentres will ensure minimum network delay, jitter and packet loss

Low latency, QoS video network
International video traffic between SightLink PoPs will use our guaranteed-capacity network

Global connectivity
Coverage in North America, Europe, the Middle East and APAC

  • Security

Default encrypted audio and video for all calls
All calls default encrypted using SIP TLS and SRTP (unencrypted calls supported when/if needed)

Secure management using HTTPS
Encrypted management using HTTPS

Detection and protection from denial  of service (DoS) attacks
Filter and protection from direct DoS attacks

Detection and protection from fraud attempts
Traffic monitoring, pattern recognition and filter to identify suspect traffic patterns and fraud attempts

  • Service and usage

Usage statistics
Detailed CDR and usage statistics

Network diagnostics
Automated traffic and call-quality monitoring to optimize user experience

Hot-swappable network
Redundant datacentres in North America, Europe, the Middle East and APAC

Automated monitoring and hot swappable PoPs for maximum redundancy and reliability.

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