Focus on Whiteboarding

Jul 2022 replay Return to news list

For any organisation, whiteboarding is a fantastic means of collaboration and communication. It encourages meaningful conversations, opens up all manner of creative possibilities and allows teams to focus on and evolve shared projects.

Whether sharing or annotating files, brainstorming or sketching out ideas, a whiteboard solution switches up the traditional meeting and makes it more dynamic, visual and engaging. Here we look at some of the best solutions available and how when properly implemented they can take internal and even remote meetings to the next level.

The Solutions

The Smartboard 6000s Pro provides lag-free writing precision and a true walk up and use experience

The best whiteboard solutions are grounded in simplicity and ensure that the user experience adapts to your existing workflow. Features such as Proximity and ambient light sensors automatically power up and adjust the brightness of the display for quick start-up and comfortable viewing. Simply connect a laptop and begin sharing and annotating in real time without any lag. Also, multiple contact points on the board ensure that several people can collaborate simultaneously. 4k high-resolution displays mean that files such as design drawings can be scrutinised in great detail with extremely crisp imagery, whilst the ability to browse the internet quickly and side load important apps, all allow for highly efficient working. 

Taking Whiteboarding to the next level

Installing and integrating whiteboards is a real strength of Internet Videocommunications but their real skill comes into play by opening up the possibilities of what your organisation can do and who you can reach when using a whiteboard. Collaborating in the same room is great but the potential is even greater when you can show and share content with remote workers wherever they may be.  The displays themselves natively support Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet™ and more, while additional software can turn these devices into full-on videoconferencing tools. In this scenario remote participants can share screens, access personal cloud storage and open a collaborative whiteboard session, all whilst in a video conference. Some whiteboarding screens are specifically designed to work with a particular video conferencing software such as the DTEN D7 with Zoom providing a very simplified user experience and workflow.

The DTEN D7 is a single device for video conferencing, digital whiteboarding and content sharing
microsoft camera
Re-size a whiteboard in the room so it’s clearly visible on even mobile screens

And, if you want to use a whiteboard in the old-fashioned way but still share in the modern way, there are solutions for you too. A Content Camera can make whiteboards, printed documents, books, and other physical objects the focus of your Microsoft Teams meeting. For example, Teams can frame and re-size a whiteboard in the room so it’s clearly visible on even mobile screens. Another cunning feature is to convert the presenter’s body to an almost transparent outline so that they don’t block or obscure the board. What’s written or sketched is optimised for visibility and then shared to everyone on the teams meeting. Whiteboarding transforms the way organisations now choose to work.

As an independent provider, Internet Videocommunications offers unrivalled experience and expertise in designing and integrating whiteboard solutions from all the leading manufacturers. And you’ll get the added peace of mind that their professional wrap-around installation and maintenance support services are only what are expected from the very best in the industry.