A New Cutting Edge Solution to Technology Islands

Jan 2022 replay Return to news list

It’s become a real problem in the workplace. Your organisation is using one cloud video platform but some of your clients have adopted something else and your partners and suppliers have something different again. We have never had so much choice. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Zoom and Amazon Chime, are just some of the many cloud video offerings available. But it has never been so difficult to communicate. Why? Because they are, by and large, technology islands, proprietary platforms that were designed to communicate only within their own software environment i.e. if I want to be in a Zoom meeting, I have to use a Zoom client. 

Today, more than ever, communication needs to be fast, simple and without barriers. Now, Internet Videocommunications has a fantastic solution which gives every organisation the flexibility and the choice to communicate and collaborate by using whichever cloud video service it chooses from one meeting to the next.

 While many organisations have chosen one primary video platform for internal communications, it is highly likely that this will not be the same solution being used by their clients and partners so how do they overcome the challenge when they want to have external video communications?  Internet Videocommunications offers a Bring Your Own Device (BYoD) solution, whether connecting with a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet, to enable your meeting to take place with the videoconferencing platform of your choice.

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It’s a real game-changer! Flexibility and ease of use is paramount. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or something else, simply at a click of a button you’ll be connected and can start collaborating, all with a system that wirelessly connects to the meeting room's displays, camera, microphones and speakers. No need to call IT for support. No need for extra training or to delve into the operations manual. It's simply plug and play. 


Whether it’s starting a remote meeting with a client or collaborating on a new project with the wider team, simply walk into the meeting room with your chosen device and your chosen conferencing platform and connect into Internet Videocommunications’ BYoD solution. No need to fumble with wires, or connect any cables, it’s hassle-free.

 Internet Videocommunications offerings also include a range of interactive features, among them touchback support, annotation and blackboarding capabilities. These are compatible with touchscreen devices and enable users to make notes on collaborative slides or even to move through the presentation without the need for a mouse, keyboard or clicker.

Finally, here is a solution that breaks down the barriers of technology islands and gives your entire enterprise the simplicity and flexibility of high quality video communication and collaboration.

 If your organisation wants to work smarter, with no restrictions on what cloud video services you are using, Internet Videocommunications can now make this vision a reality.