Meet the team

Jul 2022 replay Return to news list

With the company for 4 years, David leads the way in introducing our services to potential clients and is as flexible and adept in conversation as he is in practicing Tai Chi.

I’ve been with the company coming up to four years now, working on the Sales and Marketing team. I make contact with potential clients by phone and email to introduce our services to them direct. 

The people in the company are very friendly and helpful and are all extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields of expertise, and always happy to share their knowledge. I feel privileged to work with such a talented and skilled group of professionals and hope that at least some of it rubs off occasionally!


With so many different video platforms now in use across the board that it is becoming a babel of different cloud services all trying to talk to each other, companies which offer genuine interoperability and integration will become more and more important. Add to this a context of so many working from home or from different sites or while on the move, from their devices, the traditional videoconferencing room system is being left behind for more fully integrated hybrid systems which can be used in a vast range of contexts and working environments.

I have a regular practice of Tai Chi and qigong, which I have been doing for over thirty years and find it’s keeping me healthy, flexible and strong into later life. I also read a great deal, classics of literature and ideas, which keeps my mind active and questioning. I listen to music, Jazz and classical mostly, and get to concerts when I can.

Honestly, I’m not that big on heroes. It’s tempting (though perhaps a cliché) to say ‘Albert Einstein’, just because I’d like to get insights into the great man’s thinking processes and his humanitarianism. But really, any super-creative original thinker from the arts, sciences or other fields of endeavour. I’m interested in the inner creative process of people with outstanding skills or abilities.

I certainly wish I was more agile and skilled in the martial arts, not so much for fighting or competition purposes, but I wish I had been able to extend my skills further into other more dynamic styles when I was younger. Unfortunately, I’m just getting a bit past it now! 

Never listen to good advice without weighing up the situation, always think for yourself first!