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Internet Videocommunications sees significant interest from businesses looking to integrate Microsoft Skype for Business and their videoconferencing estate.

Businesses are looking for a quick win to unify their communications and to establish a simple and cost effective way to enable their work force to collaborate. Helping their teams to manage the workflow efficiently is critical and historically this has proved to be expensive. But now, for those organisations using Microsoft Skype for Business there is a much more straight-forward solution.


Give me Expert Technicians over Automated Call Handling every time!

We have all been in that situation when we need to telephone a call centre or a helpdesk with a query or a technical issue. When we hear an automated voice on the other end of the line presenting us with a number of different options to choose from we are often left frustrated by the lack of human interaction and by the fact that the call duration tends to be much longer than seems to be reasonable or necessary. 

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The latest new products that could transform your office

The Polycom Pano is the easiest way to Share Content at Work.

The Cisco Spark Room Kits allow fantastic team collaboration out of the box for any sized space.

Make every video conference a true face-to-face experience with the Polycom EagleEye Director II.

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An inside look on why the adoption of cloud services is ever increasing

Since last year’s re-launch of its SightLink cloud video service, Internet Videocommunications has seen unprecedented growth in this market area as more and more organisations recognise the vast benefits of face-to-face communication without the need for travel.


Partnering with a rapidly expanding company in the energy sector

Internet Videocommunications has partnered with a rapidly expanding UK energy company which is developing a new generation of nuclear power stations to help meet the country’s need for stable and sustainable low carbon energy and to power around 10 million homes. 


One-to-One with Allan Whiting

Allan  has worked for Internet Videocommunications for over 25 years and has seen the industry change massively in that time. With his vast amount of experience, here Allan will provide you with insights on what he does, where he sees the industry going and most importantly, who he'd most like to have over for a dinner party.

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