Microsoft, for many, is the go-to software provider for businesses large and small. Their applications and services, from Office 365 to Skype for Business, allow communication across multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets and PCs. 

Internet Videocommunications is the go-to specialist when it comes to integrating these services across your video conferencing estate. Our portfolio provides numerous solutions to suit any space or budget, all of which align seamlessly with Office 365 / Skype for Business to deliver the same simple and efficient workflow experience. Whether you are looking to install a state-of-the-art video conferencing suite or have legacy equipment to upgrade, we can integrate it all and take your business collaboration experience to the next level.

Video Solutions for Skype for Business

  • Whether it is a native Office 365 / Skype for Business device or an interoperable product, integration can now be achieved without any intermediary infrastructure (such as gateways) and fully leverage the Office 365 / Skype for Business environment to provide access to presence, directory services, scheduling, drag & drop and click-to-join functionality.
  • Native Office 365 / Skype for Business signalling protocols and media codecs including bi-directional content are supported for internal as well as external calls.
  • Room video solutions support direct Exchange integration for calendaring and simple one-touch-dialling.
  • In order to address video interoperability with existing video conferencing solutions, often from multiple vendors, Internet Videocommunications offers solutions specifically for Office 365 / Skype for Business that provides a single calendaring and conference joining experience for seamless connectivity to Skype for Business clients.


We find the right solution for you

Many organisations are wanting to move to one interface for collaboration tools to make it easy for users to join calls from any endpoint or software application. Consistency of scheduling, joining and managing a collaboration session is critical to driving user adoption. Internet Videocommunications uses the best of breed in products and solutions to make this a reality. We extend the easy-to-use Office 365 / Skype for Business experience beyond the desktop and mobile applications to popular voice and video solutions used in conference rooms and offices of all sizes.

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Video Conference

Join The Huddle

Implementing conferencing and collaborative tools across an organisation isn't just confined to large meeting rooms and showcase spaces. There is a growing shift in favour of smaller, ultra-connected “huddle rooms” which are typically used by smaller groups of two to four people.

Although the definition of huddle rooms can be quite broad, in essence these spaces are small meeting rooms intended for informal conversations, presentations, brainstorming sessions, conferences with remote workers or any number of other collaborations.

The flexibility around spaces such as these opens up a new level of freedom for the workforce. Thanks to Microsoft's user-friendly interface, impromptu meetings can be held without the organiser having to involve IT or plan heavily in advance.  Attendees, wherever they are, can simply plug in and play.

Unrivalled expertise and service

With many years of experience and expertise in this field, our consultants will walk you through solutions that bring your collaborative ideals to life. Whether integrating Office 365 in your meeting rooms or deploying Skype for Business across disparate video conferencing estates, we can bridge the gap.

Internet Videocommunications offers a wide range of video conferencing solutions from the small huddle space, through to larger meeting rooms, boardrooms, lecture theatres and dedicated immersive telepresence suites that directly integrate or interoperate with Office 365 / Skype for Business. Our in-house architects and systems designers ensure that no matter what facilities you currently have; we can deliver exactly what you want.

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