Is Working Staying home?

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With the climate changing and normality on the horizon many are now reconsidering the way they communicate and collaborate once they return to the office. From mixing home and office working to ensuring safe, streamlined collaboration that saves time and money, now is a better time than ever to assess your business’ operational needs.

Back to normality, back to the office

For those who will move away from home working there are still many considerations to factor in when returning to their work hubs. The past 16 months have made everyone consider their space, whether it’s on a personal or working level. Even when restrictions are finally lifted there will be many that feel uncomfortable sitting in close quarters in a meeting room, travelling to meet in person or simply sharing collaborative space; and while working life inside the UK may return to normal, being able to travel across the globe may take substantially longer to return to the norm. 

Understanding how to deploy the best solutions to ensure safe, distanced collaboration whether in the same room or via video conference will be paramount to a business’s collaborative success as we exit these unprecedented times.

If working from home is where the heart is

Due to working from home being forced on the majority of organisations, many have already had their eyes opened to ways of working that they had never envisaged using. A short term stop gap for many that had to learn and implement these solutions on the go; but as time went on and the short term became much longer it became clear that that this way of working would be here to stay for the foreseeable future.  It also highlighted the many benefits that can be gained from working in this way, whether it be money saved by not travelling to improved morale in the work force.

poly parts

Back to business in a new way

The main focus of many business’s now is to get the best of both these worlds; the professional face to face office environment mixed with the flexibility of home working, but few will have the expertise to fully realise their collaborative capabilities. However, a consultation with Internet Videocommunications will help you address whatever mix of home to office communications you may need and put you on the path to a better way of doing the day-to-day:

  • Higher quality home conferencing
  • Microsoft teams integration throughout desktops and meeting rooms.
  • Detailed Site and Room surveys to provide the best solutions for collaboration spaces and social distancing
  • Meeting rooms capable of connecting seamlessly across the Globe
  • Secure sharing across your organisation
  • Communication for remote workers across multiple devices
  • Room design and 3D elevations to allow visualisation and planning for technology placement within the meeting space
  • Network and infrastructure allocation and requirements to support video and communication technology 
  • Lifetime Project Management and expertise, to provide support throughout organisational & technological changes 
  • Maintenance checks and support for existing communication platforms & equipment to ensure the smooth running of your meeting room facilities
  • Communication system upgrades to ensure users have access to the latest and most flexible communications solutions

For over 35 years Internet Videocommunications have used their industry leading experience to connect their customers and hold numerous accreditations and awards with all major conferencing solution manufacturers and health and safety and cyber security awards. These include Poly, Yealink, Crestron, Chas, Avixa and Cyber Essentials. We have also been awarded supplier status on NHS national frameworks and the recent RM6225 framework for the crown court services, meaning that we can also quickly and efficiently assist the private sector without the need for lengthy tender processes. This further validates our award-winning service credentials and our commitment to quality.

With this in mind, in uncertain times you can be safe in the knowledge that a consultancy with Internet Videocommunications will provide your organisation with the very best advice, vital expertise and crucial know-how in providing and implementing solutions tailor made to fit the way you want to work going forward. With normality on the horizon we can help your business bounce back stronger than ever.