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Give me Expert Technicians over Automated Call Handling every time! 

We have all been in that situation when we need to telephone a call centre or a helpdesk with a query or a technical issue. When we hear an automated voice on the other end of the line presenting us with a number of different options to choose from – a cycle that seems to repeat through the call - we are often left frustrated by the lack of human interaction and by the fact that the call duration tends to be much longer than seems to be reasonable or necessary. And when a company phones in with a technical issue that may be effecting a meeting right now in one of their conference rooms, the way that call is handled is absolutely crucial. It is for these reasons that Internet Videocommunications continues to invest in highly trained and experienced support staff who can handle Helpdesk calls directly rather than deploy an automated call handling system. This has been their modus operandi for over three decades now and client feedback overwhelmingly supports the strategy. 

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The most important things to any client is the quality and speed of a service and Internet Videocommunications structures it’s helpdesk with this firmly in mind. As soon as the call is placed clients have direct access with an expert in the field. Many times any issues can simply be resolved over the phone with a little guidance, but in certain cases remote diagnosis can also be deployed to pin point the problem. This service potentially saves clients a significant amount of time and can get them up and running again within minutes of the call.

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Joe Aldridge, Client Services Manager, remarked: “Clients much prefer the human quality but we can also be so much more responsive this way. We now even give companies their own dedicated support number for an even more personable level of service. Many organisations work in terms of time to respond rather than time to resolve and this often is of little use to a customer. It’s fine diagnosing the problem quickly but that doesn’t take into account the time on top of that to actually fix the issue. Internet Videocommunications always has the focus resolution and with as little down time as possible."