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As trusted Poly partners and Beta test partners it’s crucial that Internet Videocommunications credentials are at the pinnacle when it comes to the knowledge of their product portfolio and expertise in implementing their solutions. It’s how Internet Videocommunications ensures the best quality of service and expertise that has led to us being one of the most trusted independent providers of Video conference and audio-visual solutions for over 35 years.

The Poly Expert program has now replaced the former Polycom Certified Videoconferencing Engineer (PCVE) that Internet Videocommunications also held for a number of Years. 

It provides a portfolio of learning and certification opportunities and assess’ individuals and organisations who are operating, supporting, installing and designing Poly communication solutions.

The syllabus ranges from fundamental understanding at Specialist level, through to advanced technical skills at Expert level and to acknowledge technical competency with an industry recognised certification from Poly.

To achieve an expert accreditation, Internet Videocommunications staff first had to meet the requirements to achieve the specialist and professional accreditation level which was done with flying colours in the areas of integration and video.

Poly Video specialist and professional certification

The Poly Video Specialist and Poly Video Professional programs focus on deploying, supporting and operating Poly video endpoint solutions and how to achieve the best collaboration experience with your Poly Video devices.

Poly Installation specialist and professional certification

Provides an advanced training and certification program for support staff, technicians and systems engineers who are responsible for the installation and support of small-to-medium Poly infrastructure deployments and best practice techniques for managing RealPresence Clariti deployment.

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Poly Expert Certification

The Expert level program provides a certification program for senior support staff, technical consultants, systems architects and solution designers who are responsible for the design, deployment and support of complex Poly solution deployments and systems integrations. At this level successful applicants show how to design complex solutions and how to integrate multiple Poly solutions, as well as integration with third-party platforms. 

Achieving this certification demonstrates that Internet Videocommunications is adept at handling more complex technology subjects, including security, quality of service and installation excellence.

So when it comes to implementing Poly solutions across your organisation you can feel at the ease that you are in expert hands.

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