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The latest new products that could transform your office

Crestron Flex

Solutions for any space. Anywhere. Any number of people. One configuration does not fit all. That's why Crestron Flex gives you the flexibility to implement a room system or simply add a device.

Crestron Flex makes it easy to transition from Skype to Microsoft Teams. It’s easy because you can transition at your pace, within your budget and integrate with your existing network.

One platform that supports Microsoft Teams on every device, everywhere. Natively.

The Flex series provides one consistent Microsoft user experience from desktop to boardroom and delivers exceptional audio and visual quality. It simplifies the installation, deployment management, monitoring, and evolution of workplace technology locally and globally via a cloud–based management solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform.

Activate calls, presentations, videoconferencing-just about anything Microsoft Teams offers-with one touch simplicity that Integrates with room scheduling to check room availability, book a meeting with a single touch. It also features a Flex button that integrates with advanced video controls and any smart building ecosystems so users can lower the shades, adjust lighting, and even change the temperature


Initiate a conference call on your mobile phone then with one touch move the call to your desktop to free your computer. Search contacts. Check status of your projects. Find your next meeting. It’s not a phone, it’s a hub for collaboration between peers, and between devices. The P series delivers the Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business experience to users of desk-top phones. It features a large touch screen that provides convenient tools that connect you to your calendar and colleagues, right at your desk.



Hours of preparation goes into every meeting. Hundreds of hours of engineering expertise go into making those meetings flawless. Last minute meetings, global team huddles, boardroom strategy sessions start with a touch. Every element is heard and seen–every participant, every piece of the richest content. This tabletop solution allows instant collaboration from you desktop, whether that be calling, presenting, sharing or conferencing using Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom Rooms software. All with an included 4K high-definition camera and incorporated four-microphone 360-degree array.


Set up your next meeting for success, with audio and image quality performance that really performs. Pick up on every word, important piece of content, visual cue and gesture with perfect clarity. 


The Crestron B-Series and Smart Soundbars are how meetings get seen. Heard. And done. The beam forming microphone array provides crisp audio and an integrated 4K high-definition camera that provides auto-zoom, people counting, and lifelike image quality. 



A company-wide annual meeting in the auditorium. Sharing content with shareholders in the boardroom and stakeholders around the world. Pre-existing configurations and solutions. Complicated spaces with high expectations. Crestron Flex C-Series makes the complicated simple. Giving you the flexibility to build a system customized for your space, designed for your success. Easily, quickly and efficiently.

This flexible, integrated UC kit that brings one-touch join to even the most custom spaces. It natively supports Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom Rooms.