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The latest new products that could transform your office

Evoko Naso

Evoko Naso is a purpose built room manager. The software and hardware have been designed from the ground up to ensure a best-in-class experience. Use the touch screen to quickly find a room for your spontaneous meetings. Small icons represent the room’s equipment so you can pick the rooms that serve your needs. You can also report broken or missing meeting equipment directly on the screen. 

Meetings made magnificent

Evoko has developed award winning room bookers since 2009. The new Evoko Naso takes the room booking experience to a new level of simplicity. At the same time, tailored packages allow you to achieve complete workspace coordination.

Room booking and beyond

A room booking system should be more than a list of features. It must be easy to use and it should look sublime in any office. Evoko Naso has the trademark intuitive light signals to guide you to the right room. The proximity sensor unfolds a new layer of information as you approach the screen to show you everything you need to know.

Insightful and comprehensive

Thanks to the analytics tool you get valuable insights to help you increase efficiency, optimise resource usage and improve the meeting culture of your company. If you’re interested in taking a step towards complete workspace coordination, there are three packages that you can choose and combine to fit every need imaginable.


Coordinating all workspaces

If your organisation utilises hot desking, the Pepper package can help you locate and book free desks. Finding a free desk, which is a major time stealer for many activity based offices, is now a walk in the park. Find and book a desk with the smartphone app where you also can see where your collegues are scheduled to work for the day. The collected data shows how your workspaces are being used and helps to optimise your floorplans for maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

Complete room services

For those needing more sophisticated functionality our Rose package is the ideal solution. It offers time-saving features, such as automatic check-in when entering a meeting room or full catering options when booking your room. It also has the option to add maps to guide you to the meeting room and use sensor connections. There is also a user-friendly mobile app where users can quickly find and book meeting rooms on the go.

A personalised welcome

Wouldn’t it be great if a visitor walked up to the front desk and was instantly recognised, greeted and got relevant information about their planned meeting? It’s totally possible with the Guava package. Handling the flow of people in and out the office building has never been easier than this. The meeting organiser gets a heads up as the visitor arrives and can prepare to give a warm welcome.

Barco ClickShare C-10

Full BYOD content sharing

With ClickShare C-10, you can start a meeting and get your content on screen within seconds. No matter the device you are using. Plug & Play with the ClickShare Button, that works perfectly on both PC or Mac. Go for workflow integration with the ClickShare App on laptop, mobile or tablet.  Or enable full BYOD on a 4K canvas: screen mirroring with Airplay, GoogleCast and Miracast works flawlessly. Anyone, including guests, can share content wirelessly to the central room display with our one-click meeting experience.  Two users can share side by side in full HD on screen. No cables, no software to download, no training needed.

bar c10

Enjoy interactive, creative meetings

ClickShare C-10 users can benefit from advanced interactive features including local view of the room display, decide what you share (either a full screen or a single window), annotation, blackboarding and touch back support that allows users to control the touchscreen in the room. Designed especially to make your meetings richer and more dynamic. C-10 makes hybrid collaboration flow in your creative meetings, brainstorms and discussion in one click.

Boost collaboration in your existing fixed conference room

The ClickShare C-10 can be used stand-alone or in combination with your existing conference room. It empowers hybrid meetings in existing Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex conference rooms with simple, one-click wireless content sharing. ClickShare completes the existing set-up and makes hybrid collaboration flow. Designed to fit your business perfectly and evolve with it. With flexibility for the future built in, it’s one of the smartest investments you can make in your meeting room or conference room ecosystem.

bar c10/2

Enhanced security and seamless integration

Designed for enterprise rollouts, the IT-grade C-10 offers you enhanced security features (ISO27001 certified) and a wide range of connectivity options. With the XMS Cloud Management Platform you enjoy remote management of units and clear analytics to drive your digital workplace.

Evoko Groupie

The wide angle illumination lens

Evoko Groupie is a portable wide-angle illumination lens that you can attach to any device making a video conference call so much easier. It sticks easily on the existing camera, enlarging and brightening up the field of view. Making everyone in the meeting clearly visible.

Making sure all are seen

Evoko Groupie widens the field of view. It puts everyone on screen, even their body language since the view is so much larger. Finally, you can have effective and fun communication – no matter where you are.

Sticks to all devices 

Evoko Groupie is easy to attach over the existing camera on any computer, tablet or smartphone. All thanks to a special micro suction mount pad. It sticks easily on your favourite device and when the meeting is over – just remove it.

Lights up the dark

Evoko Groupie has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the light automatically. Never again will you be disturbed in a meeting by too dark a room. Battery lasts for many hours, but charge easily through your USB – and it’s ready again.

evoko groupie

Always at hand 

Evoko Groupie comes with a smart travel case to protect and make it easy to carry around wherever you’re going. Use the cleaning surface on the back of the case to keep the screen nice and clean – all clear for another meeting.