New Case Study: Telecommunications

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Internet Videocommunications has used its vast expertise in custom designing digital signage and branding display solutions for one of the UK’s largest mobile network operators.


  • To deliver a wholesale technology refresh across this organisation’s meeting rooms, offices and call centres up and down the country.
  • To create a more streamlined and simplified way of using their facilities and room resources.
  • To devise an intuitive and efficient way of sharing branding and wide-ranging content across multiple locations.
  • To standardise the user experience.


  • The rollout and installation of this specially architected digital signage solution includes several hundred screens, brand media and the organisation’s own TV channel. 
  • As another critical part of the project, a uniquely designed “master” conference facility has been created, with the flexibility to operate in several modes. When required, the complex may be partitioned to enable teams to use this area as ad-hoc smaller, stand-alone meeting rooms or, for sections to be joined together as “repeater” rooms. Then, when opened up fully, it can also operate as a large presentation space for high capacity staff meetings.
  • To re-purpose / re-deploy existing equipment where possible which enabled key projects savings.
  • To design and implement lecterns that are not only fully integrated with the presentation systems but which also may be easily moved and stowed within each conference area.
  • To allow brand information to be generated and transmitted from dedicated PCs based at the head office and then displayed at any or all of the regional offices.


Deploying the right Digital Signage solution:

  • Eliminates the cost and waiting time compared to printed material.
  • Enables content to be updated easily and at any time.
  • Creates a more attractive working environment and a lively atmosphere for staff.
  • Provides a great way to draw attention to promotions, information and news. 

The work carried out by Internet Videocommunications has heightened the brand image and also transformed the facilities across the organisation. There is now a consistency of user experience and brand messaging at every call-centre and office, like never before.