New Case Study: Aerospace and Defence

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Internet Videocommunications is the go-to provider of audio-visual and, videoconferencing systems and services for one of the world’s largest defence organisations, which specialises in managing complex assets and mission-critical environments.


  • To design and deploy an on-premise centralised videoconferencing service to cater for all sites across all divisions.
  • To drive up videoconferencing utilisation through a vastly improved user experience and expectation, thus reducing the dependency on travel
  • To deliver greater functionality through multiple platforms (including room systems, desktop and mobile clients) and support high scalability
  • To ensure the solution is accreditable to Impact Level 3 (IL3) standards


Internet Videocommunications has architected and implemented a custom-built managed service solution, which seamlessly caters for internal meetings on a secure private network and also public-facing meetings with third parties. This state-of-the-art solution includes:

  • Scheduled and ad hoc conferencing
  • Concierge ‘white-glove’ service
  • Feature-rich, HD quality video with content sharing  
  • Endpoint monitoring
  • Monthly reporting inc. utilisation stats
  • Cost centre based invoicing 
  • Direct access to Technical Helpdesk 
  • On-site & remote user training

Early into the process, the client highlighted the importance of contracting with a specialist in this niche field and their decision was fully vindicated when Internet Videcommunications’ detailed knowledge and understanding of infrastructure identified and then resolved flaws in a manufacturer’s system specification.


This organisation places huge value on Internet Videcommunications’ product independent and consultative approach to deliver the highest quality solutions. This project has been so successful that the audio-visual and videoconferencing estate has grown exponentially. Easy-to-use, feature-rich collaborative technology is now prominent across every division. Communication, both internally and externally, has never been better. Moreover, the significant reduction in travel has brought about great efficiency and massive cost savings.