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Allan began working for Internet Videocommunications in the early 1990's even before Brit-pop and the formation of the Premier league (not that we want to make him feel old). He has seen the industry change massively during this time and with his vast amount of experience here, Allan will provide you with insights on what he does, where he sees the industry going and most importantly, who he'd most like to have over for a dinner party.

I have been working at Internet Videocommunications for 26 years. During this time, I started as an Installation Engineer and since then I have had many roles including managing the Support Department alongside being responsible for Installation and Production and Project Management at the same time. Today I manage Infrastructure and Managed Services alongside Account Management.


Huddle spaces and home working – which let’s face it still hasn’t really taken off and been embraced.

Playing golf, walking my dogs, holidays and spending time with my wife and children.

I would have loved to have been a professional golfer for the money, the lifestyle and the locations they play. What a life!

Sir Alex Ferguson – I am a United supporter so to hear some footballing and back room stories from him would be great.
Brian Cox (Physicist) - I am fascinated by science.
Will Ferrell - I find him hilarious and imagine dinner with him would be good fun.

If something bad happens it is usually for a reason (although it might not seem that way at the time), something good will eventually arise from that situation.