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Now in his 27th year of service at Internet Videocommunications, Steve is a cornerstone of the company and is widely regarded as one of the industry's heavyweights. Here he gives some insight from his vast experience and confirms his golfing ability.

I am now in my 27th year with Internet Videocommunications and have filled a number of roles within the company. My job title is Commercial Director , and I head up the company’s Operations and Finance Teams. However I spend the majority of my time acting as Account Director for a number of our largest clients and suppliers.

Undoubtedly working with the staff , there is never a dull day. Even when we are all under pressure there is always some humour. Having worked with a large number of them for more than 20 years I have seen many of them blossom and progress through the company and embrace senior leadership roles which gives me great pleasure to see them grow. 


In the last few years the AV , VC and IT industries have taken greater strides than ever before , to some extent, driven by Microsoft and I see that continuing in the future . I don’t think there is going to be any “eureka” moment or product that will take the world by storm but there will be greater interopability between what might have been determined as IT and VC in the future. VC is yet to be as compatible as the phone. 

As Commercial Director I am always available to meet our clients requirements , 7 days a week .

That being said when I am given “permission” by my long suffering wife , I do like to sneak off to the golf course for a round of golf with my son or a bit of practice at a weekend or on a summer night . If I get a chance I will take the dog with me , though he has not as yet learnt to retrieve golf balls from the bottom of the lake , nor anywhere else for that matter. As you can gather he is not a retriever.

Jack Nicklaus  Whilst being arguably the best golfer of all time, he never lost sight of the sportsmanship in the game. I am sure he could improve my 11 handicap !  

Sir Dave Brailsford – As leader of both the British Olympic Cycling Team and the SKY Professional Cycling team whose success in recent years has been unprecedented , it would be great to understand how he has managed to get the best out of a team of such driven individuals but yet mould them into a team that gives it all for one individual.

Sir Clive Woodward – Well England did win the Rugby World Cup even if it was back in 2003 -we still remember . England are still the only team in the Northern Hemisphere to do so!

Sport has always been my passion and in particular golf. I wish I had been good enough to play professional golf at the highest level. 

That’s easy , never ask anybody else to do anything that you aren’t prepared to do yourself.