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Today we learn more about our Financial Controller Richard. Another long-serving employee of Internet Videocommunications, here he draws on his considerable experience of his time with us and lends us some pearls of wisdom.

In March 2018 I will reach sixteen years’ service with the company. For all this term I have been responsible for all Finance and Administration functions of the company, overseeing a team of four. In the early years I developed methods and controls and personally prepared monthly management accounts. In more recent times, as Financial Controller, I have been able to take a more managerial role in terms of the financial processing. I spend much of my time producing reports for the directors, to ensure the continued financial control and have also taken on other duties, such as the co-ordination of the company’s health and safety commitment and office facilities.


The sense of satisfaction of leading a successful team and acknowledgement of successful post-audit financial year-end completions.

I think I’ll leave this question to the technology experts within the company and just focus on the financial propriety.

My interests are golf and running (when I’m not injured that is), both of which I’ve enjoyed since my youth. Also, spending time (especially holidays) with my wife and daughters.

After reading Matthew Syed’s acclaimed book ‘Bounce’, about the myth of talent, I have a changed view on this. With a certain predisposition, purposeful practice, absolute dedication and ample opportunity, anyone can achieve elite levels of achievement. Natural talent is overtaken by these factors. Having something so important to you to want to pursue and totally commit to would be a ‘talent’ I wish I had.

Sebastian Coe – I admired his running prowess and graceful technique.

Nick Faldo – although not universally popular, to dedicate two years of your life at age sixteen to daily practice is a rare commitment. Then as an established professional player he reconstructed his golf swing to achieve greatness and remarkable consistency, without hitting the ball vast distances. It would be interesting to me to hear that story.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – I have always enjoyed a mystery story and there’s no better exponent of this.

Work hard and smart and be nice to people.