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A Behind the scenes look at how Internet Videocommunications delivers first class projects, first time, every time

How many times over the Christmas period did you open a present, see the fantastic working image on the box, then have to spend the next 3 hours trying to get it assembled? It can be the same when new video conferencing solutions are brought into your company. While out of the box products might be easier than ever to get up and running there are still often a myriad of considerations needed to ensure that you’ll get the very best out of your new equipment. For more than 30 years, countless organisations have preferred to hand over the full implementation of all things Audio Visual to the experts at Internet Videocommunications. Our focus has always been on taking care of the entire end-to-end solution from consultancy to installation and training. Here’s how we make sure your work place conferencing and collaboration goes off without a hitch.


Consultancy and design

Planning is everything. Even if you have limited knowledge of the solutions available, all you need to do is tell us your vision and we’ll know how to make it happen. We find that liaising with the client on-site givers the best possible insight into their business needs and understand their immediate and future requirements.

By conducting full room site surveys we create a picture of the best deployment options and then feed this all back. Our in house architects then can fully render the exact layout of the finished design so there are no surprises when it comes to installation.

It’s not just the physical design but everything that goes on behind the scenes. Our systems designers ensure that all elements can connect to each other and operate seamlessly. Even the user interface will be custom designed to work exactly as needed by the organisation as simply and intuitively as imaginable. With this in mind the burden on training time and the clients I.T resource is greatly diminished. We even provide a step by step guide showing how to operate the system.


No-one wants a lengthy period of transition and installation, and thanks to our design process our installation engineers arrive knowing exactly where and how everything fits together. Any racks needed are pre-built and fully tested in our own workshops to ensure everything works as it should and allowing our clients to focus on their day-to-day business rather than having to oversee the process.


Training Investment

Internet Videocommunications is relentless in their commitment to achieving the highest possible standards of service. All engineers are AVIXA CTS trained and the company holds a plethora of industry accreditations and awards from ISOs to the highest grade manufacturer partnerships. Year upon year Internet Videocommunications is independently audited  and assessed to ensure that the company continues to deliver best of breed solutions through its best-in-class staff.

Beta testers to the best

Hand-in-hand with our training investment comes our hands on experience in using new solutions. While most are still coming to terms with new products, the likelihood is that Internet Videocommunications has already thorough knowledge of the internal workings and how best to implement it. By testing the newest solutions before release we not only show the level of trust manufacturers have in us, but also stay on the cutting edge of everything that can make an organisation's collaborative experience the very best that it can be.

Second to none support

Once we’ve installed your new systems Internet Videocommunications will still be there to provide comprehensive wrap-around maintenance support services. From our Helpdesk to full on 24/7 support we will make sure you have instant access to the very best diagnostic and expert advice. We’ll also ensure that your systems are always performing to their optimum and kept in good working order.

With Internet Videocommunications running your project it’s akin to opening your Christmas present and having it assembled swiftly and efficiently behind the scenes, ready for you to enjoy. And it will be so intuitive that you won’t even need to read the manual. If only everything were this simple.