24/7 service support for Business Critical Enterprises

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For a growing number of organisations who have made a sizeable investment in integrated audio-visual and conferencing facilities, having an expert on hand to provide round-the-clock assistance has never been more important.

Whether national or international, businesses need to be more flexible than ever in terms of where they work and when they work. Boardrooms, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, training centres, conferencing platforms all need to be available for longer periods. And, in many cases, these are multi-purpose facilities used by a wide variety of staff each having different business needs and utilising different business tools. So, if a technical issue should arise, it is necessary to minimise any downtime and get that resource back up and running as soon as possible.

When unexpected down-time occurs it’s not only the missed meetings that have a negative effect, but also the people-hours that can be spent just trying to identify the root cause, let alone attempting to resolve the issue. The diversification of how organisations need to work and communicate today means that employees are often engaged on tasks outside the typical nine-to-five office working hours and, typically, any IT support, if there is in-house knowledge of the on-site audio-visual systems, will be based primarily in one location.

An award-winning service that is second to none

For decades, Internet Videocommunications has been providing a 24/7, 365 wrap-around maintenance support service to ensure that clients with mission-critical enterprises gain immediate technical assistance from fully-trained, specialist Helpdesk engineers. Choosing a 24/7 support service package provides clients with total peace of mind and they can be secure in the knowledge that, 365 days a year, any faults or issues will be responded to, logged, diagnosed and often resolved within hours.

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It’s not just the speed of response but the level of expertise

It’s not just the response speed in any given fault call situation but the quality of technical knowledge available that is particularly crucial. Internet Videocommunications’ Client Service support team has some of the most experienced and expert audio-visual technicians in the industry. This, coupled with remote diagnostics, a unique test-bed environment and a vast spares holding results in a significant number of cases being diagnosed and fixed within the call itself.

Many larger businesses even go a step further and supplement this Helpdesk support by having a specialist technician on-site at key locations. This gives greater ‘hands-on’ care and attention to the meeting rooms as well as assistance in the scheduling of meetings and conference calls.

Joe Aldridge, Client Services Manager
“24/7, 365 support packages are a real must have for any organisation seeking to minimise downtime, increase productivity and to truly maximise their investments in enabling audio and video technologies. Anyone familiar with the tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker will appreciate the value in having a team of specialists working behind the scenes, in order to get key business-critical tasks completed. But it is a real world objective for organisations to ensure that rooms and resources stay on-line.”